The Massage

Massage is normally done using the hands, fingers, elbow and in some instances the feet. However, nowadays there are some types, which require particular equipment for the best stimulation and long lasting positive effects. One of the advantages of having massage equipment is that you can use them at home. Even though, there are some that need professional assistance in order for you to use and only serve as accessories during the treatment period.

Massage Equipment

Below are some of the main types of equipment that are present at a massage therapy session.

Massage table – In most of the sessions you will go through, the client will be lying down most of the time. Therefore, this makes the table more useful than any other. The table can be portable or fixed. It should be very comfortable. The table must be properly cushioned so that it can give enough support as pressure is being applied to the body during the massage. It should look like a C-shaped structure to give support to the head while lying on it. The moveable table legs can be collapsed to enable folding once through using it.

Sheets – They are normally placed on the table for cover. They are washable and are replaced once a new customer comes in for hygiene reasons. Therefore, as a massage therapist, you should have many for your clients.

Massage chair – There are situations where the client will be required to sit down, for that reason; the chair should be comfortable and cushioned well. It normally has a place to rest the head and arms and foldable flaps, which are used for supporting the legs as you are sitting.

Lubricants – A massage session requires oil to lubricate the skin in order to ensure that massage process is relaxed. There is a wide range of oils to choose from that are available in the market; for example, salve, liniment, powder and ointment. Some of these products have essential fragrances, which are meant to relieve and invigorate the body through aromatherapy. Some also enter the skin to promote inner healing.

Portable melody player – This is also an important piece of equipment to have since massage is not all about touch but other senses too. This will be used to play soothing music to the client in order to facilitate relaxing and in some ways ease the tension. At the moment, there are records, which have been specifically been created for these types of sessions. They are mostly the sounds of rain, waves, tree’s rustling and a lot of others.

Towels – They are commonally needed during the process and after the treatment to cover the clients, and after they take a shower to refresh themselves. They are in various sizes, small ones for the face and larger type for the entire body. Nowadays, therapists are adding to the procedure, aroma remedy scents to make the experience memorable for the customer. They offer natural healing benefits.

If you want to venture in this as business opportunity, it is important you invest in these few, but essential massage therapy equipment. Always make sure they are comfortable and safe for use and clients will keep coming every time.