Christmas baublesChristmas is a coming

With Christmas coming, I had to think fast. What does my other half want, need, desire. I had to get in their head to reveal their ideal present.

What to get for my Hubby

Try as I might, clever as can be, nothing popped out and into my mind. Until, we were having a nice cup of tea, one afternoon. He drinks jasmine tea almost all the time, I drink proper tea (my tea has milk and sugar, otherwise it’s undrinkable).

We now have one of those super taps in our kitchen, cold filtered water or almost boiling water. All from the same tap, I think that’s amazing. That’s what we use to make our tea. But he moans that the temperature is not right, it’s too hot for his jasmine tea.

Green tea varieties

Electric variable temperature kettle

A variable temperature Kettle for Christmas

That was my little my eureka moment, a device that could heat water to the correct temperature would be perfect for his jasmine tea. I only of two ways to heat water, my new super tap and of course a kettle.

But my research for temperature controlled kettles revealed a whole stack of these kettles where you get to set the temperature. So it seems my idea for a variable temperature kettle has already been invented. I thought I had an idea for a brilliant new invention to make me millions but I’m too late for this invention.

What happens when we boil water

Lots of models to choose from

Well it turns out there are dozens of designs for a variable temperature kettles And there not that expensive either. So my husband’s Christmas present is solved. I just have to choose a model and he’s sorted. I know he’ll love it.

Christmas presentsIt’s a wrap

It’s so nice to have a plan and have a definite objective. Most times I’m in panic mode deciding what to get for Christmas. We’re over at my parents house for Christmas so I going to get this variable temperature kettles for Christmas delivered there and I’ve asked my mum, who’s kindly agreed to wrap it for me. So that really is Christmas sorted.

Just waiting for the big day

We’ll drive to my mum and dad’s house and it takes 7 hours in the car. But it’s so wonderful, both my sister and half brother will be there, with their families and it’s just such a magical time. I can’t wait.

Spending Christmas in Maine